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De-Suggestopedia Courses 2022/2023

These are intensive courses using the De-Suggestopedia method.




New Beginner Discount:

  • If you register for a class which starts from Entry 1 use the code WELSH22 until September 30th for a 50% discount


Free Courses:

  • Courses are free for 18 to 25 year olds


  • Returners 20% - Code DYCH22 Learners who are returning to learning for the second year +.  If there is a gap of more than one year in the learning then the discount is not applicable


  • Pensioners in receipt of Pension Credit 40% - Code PEN22 (Documentation required)


  • Students studying a training course with a college or university 40% - Code MYF22 (Documentation required)


  • Those in receipt of Benefits 40% - Code BUDD22 (Documentation required)


Course TitleStarting FromLocationCentreDayStart TimeEnd TimeStart DatePriceOn-line Registrtion CodeRegistration 
Advanced Course ii - Part 1Amser a Ddengys 5On-lineOn-line Virtual ClassroomMonday14:0017:1512/09/2022£90gd-37757 
Advanced Course ii - Part 1Bardo 3On-lineOn-line Virtual ClassroomThursday9:1513:0015/09/2022£90gd-37758 
Cwrs Gloywi IaithBardo 14On-lineOn-line Virtual ClassroomWednesday10:0013:1514/09/2022£90gd-37759 
Cwrs Gloywi Iaith On-lineOn-line Virtual ClassroomFriday9:3012:4516/09/2022£90gd-37760 


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