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Teaching Methods

We use two main teaching methods, Traditional and Unlimited Learning (Suggestopaedia)


Llun o wers draddodiadolTraditional lessons of one session of 2 or 3 hours per week.


aduniad cariadiaithOver the years Popeth Cymraeg has pioneered the field of Alternative Language Teaching Methodologies in Wales. We have studied numerous methods to see which ones are, in our opinion, the most effective and have come to the conclusion that the most fruitful method which we have encountered is Suggestopaedia. We offer Sugggestopaedic Welsh classes (termed Unlimited Learning Courses) to adults in North East Wales with the full support of the National Centre for Teaching Welsh. We are the only organisation in Wales qualified to do this


Welcome to Popeth Cymraeg

Popeth Cymraeg is an unique organisation, established by Welsh learners for Welsh learners