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Training in Suggestopaedia

Ioan Talfryn, Popeth Cymraeg’s Chief Executive was trained in Suggestopaedia by the founder of the method, Dr. Georgi Lozanov. He attended extended training sessions over a number of weeks in Austria and Bulgaria. Dr. Lozanov also came to Wales for a fortnight to train him up to trianer level meaning that he is qualified to train new tutors. For a number of years he was the Vice-Chairman of the International association set up by Dr. Lozanov to promote the method, LITA (Lozanov International Trainers Association).

As well as training tutors to teach using Suggestopaedia locally as a part of Popeth Cymraeg’s Welsh for Adults programme he has presented at conferences and training events in other parts of Wales, in England, in Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Germany, Spain and Norway. He has also delivered training in TPR (Total Physical Response). He has published a book in Welsh on the history of language teaching methodologies Dulliau Dysgu Ail Iaith – Eu Hanes a’u Datblygiad which includes chapters on Suggestopaedia and TPR.

He has used Suggestopaedia as a teaching method on the popular Cariad@iaith television programmes,a reality tv show where a group of adults (often celebrities) learn Welsh over a week period in a total immersion experience. You can watch the complete Cariad@iaith courses held over a 5 year period on our website and download the course materials in Welsh and English
If you would like to receive training in Suggestopaedia or TPR please contact Ioan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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